Who are we?

We are a diversified team of Internet experts that create tools to help you rank better at search engines.
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Helping you rank your website

At Konoce, we have assembled a simple but powerful tool to assist our members reach their search engine ranking goals.

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Our discoveries

At first, when we did all our SEO work manually we found out that even if we tried to track our ranking we missed metrics to succesfuly make descisions about what route to choose in our SEO strategy. This was the reason why we developed Konoce SEO Tools.

With Konoce SEO Tools we were able to take our own websites projects to rank within the first 3 results for all our projects. Now it is time for you to take advantage of our tool and get the results you need.

Some Highlights

  • Ranking History
  • Long tail keywords analysis
  • On Page analytics
  • Website crawler


projects completed.


customers handled.


cups of tea.


human resources.


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